Weather: 46 degrees and clear skies


  1. Beater
  2. Motorboat
  3. Logger


Thang: Motorboat joined Beater and I for a run. We about a mile warm up, some stretches and exercises, then a little over 2 miles.



Out of the wind we went through some stretches: Downward Dog, Quads, Side lunge, Butterfly, Runners stretch

Exercises: 10x Dead squats, 10x Side lunges each leg, 11 Apollo Ohno (I think thats their name – or skaters).

Run: We headed back to the cars so Motorboat could get to work. Then Beater and I set out towards Cornerstone Lutheran Church. We did a lap around the church and headed back. We made sure to get the full run of the hill.


Recover Recover

Moleskin – DC and State had to back out during the night because of sickness – missed you, see you 2 next Monday. We had a great run this morning – a good pace where we could talk as we went along. It was great to catch up and chat about our lives.

Waking up and posting on Monday is tough. It is absolutely worth it for both the fellowship and fitness. My natural preference is to run by myself – but I get so much more out of having company talking with friends.

Thank you Men!

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