15 PAX posted The Hill for Beefsteak’s Birthday Beatdown:  Logger, Beefsteak, Headlock, Beater, DC, Motorboat, Brickyard, Khaki, Maize, PVC, Cornwallis, Nomad, Groupie, Tulip

50 F and cloudy but avoided the rain.

Warm-up.  SSH 40x, Mountain Climbers 40x, Stretch on your own


Q calls out exercise: All Pax sprint to next light post and do 10x Reps…. Sprint back to start and do another 10x Reps… Sprint Backwards to far side again and do 10x Reps… then sprint backwards back to original start line and do 10x reps. 40x Total reps with 4 sprints for each exercise. Winner picks next exercise or nominates another person to pick the next exercise.  (actual exercises below are not in order)

The Catch:  if Beefsteak wins the sprint then add another 10x.

Merkins – 40x – 4 Sprints

Jump Lunges – 40x – 4 Sprints

American Hammers – 40x – 4 Sprints

Body Builders (8 count Burpee) – 40x – 4 Sprints

LBC – 40x – 4 Sprints

Hand Release Merkins – 40x – 4 Sprints

Monkey Humpers – 40x – 4 Sprints (Beefsteak won the sprint – 10 more reps)

Bobby Hurley’s – 40x – 4 Sprints

Burpees – 40x – 4 Sprints

Mosey back, Stretch, Count, and Name-o-Rama

Moleskin:  Mumble chatter at a minimum today or I was too busy catching my breathe to hear any.  Fun seeing guys bust out of the gate with a little competition.  Kuddos to Beater for winning the most, close second was Wallis of the Corn.  Logger, Khaki, and Motorboat all recorded some wins as well.  Thanks all for coming out this morning, always enjoy working out with you men.

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