An cool 51 degrees this morning for 9 pax posting.

Maestro Jay-z Crabby Po Wapner IM Piper Popeye Daisy Q- Humdinger


Arm and leg stretches oyo, grass pickers IC, arm circles IC 20x, Motivator 7


Mosey to happy place for a leg blaster

Mosey to the hill (by train car) and begin the Burp Back Mountain. 100 burpees combined from each partner group. 1 partner burpees while the other runs down the hill and backpedals up 4x

Mosey to the main shelter: ring of fire- monkey humpers 10x, Merkin-plank

Mosey to happy place to begin the Caterpillar. 2 lines with both groups facing each other. Low plank position 2-3 ft away from the other. Last person box jumps and then planks. — Indian run style. Final exercise at happy place was happy jacks 4x

Prisoner Indian Run to the flag- with a small detour first


Big boy sit-ups while touching the ground on each side of your feet. 9x

Leg circles 10x each direction.

Flutter kicks IC 20x


Solid morning temperatures almost brought out double digits. One solution was to possibly never put burp back mountain in the PB: Noted. There was possible talk of renaming monkey humpers to wapners during the ring of fire. The caterpillar was not well liked as I forgot my phone at the starting line and I wasn’t just going to “walk” back for it. Adding the new prisoner Indian run seemed like it was well hated by all= a good burn. Overall a good workout today.

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