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Q- Cornwallis
Pax- Zamboni, Logger, Maize, State, Beefsteak, DC, Nomad, Strudel, Motorboat, Khaki

Butt Kickers
High Knees
SSH x 50 IC
IST x 20 IC
Windmill x 10 IC

Fartlicks (30 sec run, 30 sec jog) x 5 minutes
100 Rocky Balboa’s OYO
50 Australian Pull Ups
50 Squats
50 Australian Pull Ups
50 Squats
Run when your finished until everyone is done.

Mosey to the hill.

LBC’s at the bottom of the hill starting with 1
Quadraphelia up the hill for 9 Merican’s
Continue the ladder until you hit 9 LBC’s and 1 Merican (or until time runs out)


Skinny Mole:
– I was up late writing a final paper, so I missed the Q-Source, but that meant we could start on time and Q-source peeps were coming in hot!
-I tried to keep the intensity up for most of the workout to push everybody. I saw everyone working really hard today. You guys crushed it! Nice work!
-I also wanted to work in some pull ups since we haven’t done those in a long time, and I think may feel those today. That was pretty painful. I hit 50 and started questioning if I could finish. Definitely highlighted an area to improve on.
-Memorial Day Murph (May 27th) is coming, so keep working on those pull ups.
-You guys are definitely getting stronger.
-Keep posting! Keep EH’ing! Keep giving it away!


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