8 PAX for a beat down on this 45 degree moist morning.

Bambi, Wapner, Jay-Z, Crabby PO, IM Piper, Pew Pew, Daisy- QIC


Shoulder pretzels- 20IC

Sprinkler- 15IC

Up straddle hops- 20 each leg OYO

Side lunges- 10IC

Individual stretching of tight areas OYO

Tortoise and hare:

Partner up- tires or blocks

One partner with rucksack starts lap around petting zoo other completes exercise then runs and swaps. Continue exercise until total reached than move on to next exercise.

5 burpees- total of 50

10 outlaws- total of 100

15 merkins- total of 150

20 big boys- total of 200

25 squats- total of 250

At completion of each lap- leap frog 5 blocks.


Squats ring of Fire- 10 each

X-factor- 10OYO


8 PAX showed up as we celebrated National Frog Jumping Day (who makes these stupid holidays!?!?! But we gotta celebrate!) and revisited the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. Not enough tires to go around so we had one pair carry a block. Made it through 100 big boys and roughly 2 miles completed with the rucksack. One of these days we will get through the squats!!!! Grumbles about this workout- even Bambi quotes this might have been his roughest workout yet….. challenge accepted! Happy birthday goes out to Pew Pew- apologies from YHC for not getting some pickle workout to warm you up for the night. Conversation was that Popeye was not around this morning because he pulled a muscle celebrating his birthday on Friday- so please be careful as you celebrate, Pew Pew! Day ended with Jay-Z making sure Piper brought both his sacks for the workout on Wednesday- leaving lots of questions to be answered. Hope to see you all on Wednesday so we can figure out why Piper has two sacks! Let’s get back to double digits!

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