9 PAX posted just in time to get soaked in the 65F gloom.
IM, Piper, Wapner, Crappy PO, Jay-Z, Pew Pew, Popeye, Bambi, Maestro

Maestro Lap
Leg stretch
Tempo Squats x 10
LBAC’s forward/reverse x 10
Tempo Merkins x 10
Mosey to Happy Place

Partner Merkin Claps x20
Partner Squat Jump Claps x 20
Partner Lateral Squats x 10 each direction
Partner Side Plank with Rotation and Clap x 10 each side
Wheelbarrow merkin/deadlift x 10

Mosey to porch swing
Split into 4 groups.  2 run one way around playground, 2 the other way.  Whenever you pass a group going opposite direction perform 5x walking lunges each leg.  When you return to porch swing perform 10x partner swing tysons.  Repeat 4 laps.

Lazy Dora 1-2-3 – 100 Merkins/Plank, 200 LBC’s/Straight Leg holds, 300 Squats/Al Gore

Mosey to flag

Mary:  Hurricane Hoedown x7 through x5

Good morning for good comments that will not be written down here.  Getting soaked to start the workout made the morning a bit damp.  glad the rain passed quickly.  Somehow mosquitos ate several guys alive.  Invest in bug spray!

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