We’re not professionals….no one is responsible for you, except you…modify if/when needed.

Warm up

SSH x20 IC

Merkins x10 IC

Air Squats x20 IC

Ruck to location

Indian Ruck with Rucksack pass – Overhead, Right hand only, Left hand only

At Location

Ruck Pass, Swing and Throw

Rucking Balance Positions

Ruck Planks – High, Low, Single Arm (L/R), Single Arm/Single Leg

One foot – Front/Back

One foot Table Pose

Tree Ruck position

V up Ruck Position

Ruck sit ups w/Ruck Sack Pass – Partners

Ruck Back



Mid-60s, Clear and Beautiful

PAX:  Cornwallis, Maize, Fresh Cut, Quick(ie), Brickyard, Bulldog (Kotter), Cosmo (Q)

7 PAX posted for a ruck workout with some balance.  The ruck started with a walk down River Road to the elementary school.  At least half the way was used to Indian run while passing the rucks.  YHC is hoping Brickyard is ok as he took a couple of shots to the head while passing the ruck sack.  Somewhat humbling when Maize’s M jogged by the PAX telling us to “Stop loafing”…however, YHC chooses to believe she was only speaking to Maize… and maybe Fresh Cut!

All PAX performed the balance moves and passes well as well and enjoying catching up during the ruck.  Great to see Bulldog back in action…looking forward to watching his progress in the days ahead.

Overall, a great day to ruck and spend time with F3 Brothers….well done men.

Always a privilege,


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