7 men posted in 60° gloomy weather with a downpour immediately following






Cayden Carter-FNG

Jay-z (QIC)


Maestro Lap

Grass pickers ICx13

Sprinklers ICx13


Shoulder pretzels ICx20

Tempo squats ICX10

Tempo merkins ICX10

Mosey to happy place for leg blaster

Abnormally long Indian run to bottom of stairs


13 merkins at bottom of stairs

1 lunge each leg at top

Down to 1 and up to 13

Stair suicide

Ring of fire merkins x10


Flutter kicks ICx13

Freddie Mercury ICX13

Pickle pointer ICx13

Hello Dolly ICx13

Plank jacks ICx13

Pickle pounder ICx13



Rain moved through early to provide a nice wet surface for today’s events. The rain itself…not much of a surprise. It happens daily! Mumble started early when it was brought up that Q’s 2.0 was 13. Stairway to 13 just sounds wrong and, trust me, it felt wrong too. Good beat down. The rain held off until the exact moment we got in our cars. Lots of fart sackers for 60 degrees. Theres no reason we can’t have 10+ every session! Man up! See you Friday!

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