63 degrees, cloudy- trying to dry out morning on this Friday. 9 PAX- Wapner, Piper, IM, Crabby PO, Bambi, Jay-Z, Oompa Loompa, Popeye, Daisy- QIC
Warm up:
Moroccan night clubs 20IC
Shoulder pretzels- 20IC
Lat stretches OYO
Sprinklers 10IC
Side lunges 10IC
Leg stretching OYO
Mosey to happy place-
Circuit Work
Station 1- Happy Place
Leg blaster
Prison Run
Station 2- bath house
Dips-15; inclined merkins 10
Station 3- large shelter house
Up and overs 10
10 pistol squats each leg- on bench for bigger challenge
Station 4 – end of sidewalk
ATM- 15 shoulder taps each shoulder, 10 Tempo merkins, 10 merkins
Imperial walker to Happy Place
Rinse and repeat for duration
Mosey to flag
Bruce Lees- hammer, leg raise, lbc, heal touch, crunchy frog, 100- 20 reps of each
Rinse and repeat
Early conversation about putting EH on more people and pushing those that aren’t here to come back more often- were talking to you Hummdinger CubbyBlue, and Smell good- among others! Hoping others recover soon to get the numbers up. Workout completed 4 rotations with 2 rounds of Bruce Lees. About 2.25 miles in distance. All in all, lots of good sweat had working through the sore legs from Wednesday. Up and overs were something different. Picnic benches are thinner than thought for the step down. Name-O-Rama this morning for Jay-Z 2.0. Welcome to Oompa Loompa as the newest member to Black Cat! Not sure we made it as a group with our weight loss challenge- scale will be there Monday for an updated weight and hopefully a more serious June!!!! Let’s also make it a goal for each PAX to bring one new guy this month! This is a great group that many others could benefit- let’s find them and get them here!!!!! Enjoy the last day of May!!!

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