5 PAX posted on a clear 68 degree morning. Wapner, Shamu, Daisy, T-Bone-er, Piper(QIC)

Warmup: Arm stretch OYO, Leg stretch OYO, and Motivator from 7.

Thang: Circuit Training consisting of 6 exercises.

3 amigo’s x 2

Kettle bell swings x 20

10 lbs. Sledge hammer tire strikes x 20 (10 right hand, 10 left hand)

Maestro Lap x 1

Pull ups x 5

2 Block farmer carries x 40 paces

Mary: Bicycles x 25 forward

Bicycles x 25 reverse

Crunchy Frog x 20

V up Roll ups x 25

Moleskin: No NOR today, missing our FNG. Thankful for the 5 men that showed up today.

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