14 PAX, YES 14 posted in 72° calm muggy air.

We had a double NOR as indicated in the list of PAX….






Smell Good


T-Bone (er)

Pew Pew


Tip Toe

Jay-z (QIC)

Phanatic ….Yes with a PH



Maestro Lap

Finkle swings x10 each leg

Grass pickers ICx15

Nipple tweakers ICx15

Shoulder pretzels ICx20

Sprinklers ICx10

Hand release merkins ICx10

Motivator from 6


Mosey to the fireworks launch site


7-T bombs




Mosey back to flag

Bear crawl ring of fire with 10 merkins after each lap

Mosey to light poles next to swimming pool.

Gunner-start at first pole 7 American hammer and 4 jump squats. Sprint to next light pole and repeat clear to stop sign

Mosey to bottom of stairs on golf course

Spelled out TACO

Tunnel of Love

Air squared ICX20

Clock merkins 10 reps 12-3-6-9

Ol pickle pounders ICX10


Flutter kicks ICX20


We welcomed 2 new members this morning. We introduce to you Phanatic because he’s an Atlanta Braves fan who doesn’t like Philadelphia. We also introduce Tofu who works at ADM. It’s great to see our group growing. We have never had 14 of our own Black Cat members post! It’s a new milestone and one to try to break. The workout was heavy on cardio which increased the suck factor but we all need it. The tunnel of love was a fun new exercise that we will probably see again. Even the T Bombs will make another appearance. We closed with a prayer for safety tomorrow for everyone involved with things that go boom. See you all Friday.

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