9 men posted. 58 degrees and pleasant.

Jay-Z, Popeye, Tofu, Crabby-Po, Daisy, Tiptoe, Pew Pew, FNG-David, Oompa Loompa (QIC)


Maestro Lap

Grass pickers

Motivator from 5

Morrackin night clubs

Abe Vagoda

Batwing (20 reps)

Mosey to the happy place


Ring of Fire (10 squats each)

Tunnel of Love

Laps around Petting Zoo and Exercises

1st Lap- 10 Pushups

2nd Lap- 20 LBC’s

3rd lap- 30 side straddle hops

4th lap- 40 squats and adds up to a mile

Ring of Fire (10 Monkey Humpers)

(10 merkins)

2 groups: 1 group does 10 box jumps, other group 20 dips x3

Death Grip on swing and lap around sidewalk

Leg Blaster

Dirty Hookup (Cadence x10)

Mosey to Flag


15 Flutter Kicks

10 Pickle pointers and pounders

10 Crabjacks on your own

10 Big Boys on your own



It was amazing to have another FNG today, we hope that David comes back, it’s also a great privilege to be able to Q! Lots of mumble about the laps and exercises and all of the ring of fires. We held in there, it was a nice workout guys! Hope to Q more soon!

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