The Hill- Ruck

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Cosmo, Quick, Clubber, Tulip, Snooki, Buckshot, and welcome FNG Patrick (now known as Short Story)


3.25 mile Ruck through Plum Creek and back up Hazel Dell.

Stopped several times for some ruck exercises: Mericans, Squats, Moutain Climbers, flutter ruck presses, shoulder press, ruck swings.

-Beautiful morning for a ruck
-Cosmo pointed out that the grass was wet. So I pointed out that the pavement was drive and the sun was rising. Very intelligent conversations we have here at F3.
-It was good to have a nice paced ruck but still some good conversation to catch up with each other. Everyone stayed together and put in good work.
-Nice job men! Keep telling other men about F3 and keep being High Impact Men!


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