July 22- 70 degrees, damp and misty.

13 Pax for an arm smoking workout. Piper, Pew Pew, Jay-Z, Wapner, Shamu, Tiptoe, Popeye, Maestro, Tofu, T-bone…er, Crabby PO, Bambi, and Daisy-QIC


Moroccan night clubs- 20IC

Shoulder pretzels- 20IC

Wall stretch in the squat position- 5

Willie Mays Hayes

Leg crossovers toe touches and reach back lay stretch-30 sec holds

Stretch whatever is tight- 60 seconds

Mosey to begin the Thang:

“You’re Merkin me Crazy!”

Happy place:

BTTW Merkins- 10 OYO

Wall of Merkins- 10 each

Wave of Merkins- up 5

Prison run to Large Shelter

Ring of Fire:

Abyss Merkins- 10

Russian Dips Ring of Fire- 5 each leg

Prison run to basketball court:

Webbicide to 10

Bear crawl down, crab walk back

Prison run to shelter house 2:

Merkin mania 5 each- diamond, regular, wide, crucible, staggered, staggered, tempo, hand release (40)

Imperial walker- 20IC

Mosey to pool shelter:

Yul brenner- Carolina dry dock, wide, regular, ranger, diamond, crucible, chuck Norris- 5 each (35)

Mosey to Flag



Box cutters- 10IC

Freddie Mercury- 15IC

XY- 10IC



You know it’s gonna be a great workout when you start Balls to the Wall. Chatter started reminiscing about Friday’s workout from Burpee Hell With Rite Aid. Good laughter today with high spirits. Lots of mumblechatter right from the start as it got intense from the beginning. Wave of merkins only to five, as the number of PAX increase- holding planks gets harder!!!! If your arms aren’t smoked after today’s workout, you are impressive specimen of a man! In total, 155 merkins completed. Keep sniffing a PAX record. Not quite there yet! Discussion about continuing to improve ourselves physically and mentally. Reminder about Hot Dog fest this weekend- touch base with Maestro if you want to work. And as school gets closer to starting back up- a back-to-school breakfast after the workout on either Friday Aug. 2, or Monday Aug. 5. Cast your vote for which day

would work better for you! Majority wins! Hope everyone shows up for Gasman as he has his virginity taken away with his VQ on Wednesday!!!!

F3 Mission statement: To plant, serve, and grow men’s small workout groups, in order to reinvigorate male community leadership.

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