Weather high 70s

2 PAX posted: Bloomer, Tulip (Q for the day)

Disclaimer given at 0700 sharp

Q decided to go with an audible and keep his opening scripted play for another day due to the lack of participating PAX. Audible was a simply 3 mile Ruck with Bloomer. Great fellowship and 3 miles closer to my summer goal of Rucking. 1 mile to go!

Mumble chatter was shared due to previous PT from earlier in the week and the shared soreness in the hips. Yoga wove it’s way into conversation with my recommendation for all to check out Sean Vigue on Youtube. He’s a man’s man.

Namearama was notforgotten as Bloomer suggested to keep the tradition alive. We had a good chuckle doing that.

We closed with a prayer reminding us to walk WITH God. Not ahead of HIM, not behind Him, but to walk WITH HIM.

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