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The Runners: We set out ona 3 mile loop, down to 126th, in front of the middle school, up by the bus’s, and finally up our favorite hill.

Moleskin: It was a little sad this morning after a few weeks of 6ish guys, it was just Motorboat and I. Just a strange Monday, next week back to normal. Motorboat changed it up and went for a run with me. We packed in 3 miles, hopefully he wasn’t late for work.

He said he was breathing hard so I gave him the lead on the pace. He slowed down a bit, but the pace started creeping up. We went from a 9 minute mile to 8:49, and finished at a 8:05 mile! I’m not sure what lesson I learned from Motorboat, other than to not trust his pacing.

Thanks Motorboat!

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