There were 12 Pax posted at the BlackCat on a humid 67 degree Monday. Wapner, Jay-Z, Crabby PO, Piper, T-bone-er, Pew-Pew, Sparty, Sparkle, Daisy, Shamu, Phanatic, and QIC Meastro.


Leg stretches.

Cross over Leg stretch

Reach through leg stretch

Freddie Mercurys

Gas pumps

Mosey to the HP

Motivator from ten


Six stops with ring of fire V-sit at each one

Hammers x20 2 rounds

Heal touches x10 2 rounds

Crunchy frogs x10 2 rounds

100s x20 2 rounds

Air presses x20 2 rounds

Captain Thor start with one a piece up to 2 (time did not allow for more.)


(Feet never touch)

Flutter Kicks x10 IC

Hello Dollies x10 IC

BCS (Bay City Scissors)


This workout turned out to be more of a “butt-hurt” than smoking abs. The old guys will have to bring their donut pillows next time. (Or maybe use the grass more). We are doing well to have so many double digit days in a row. Welcome F3 Sparty. Keep up the good work and keep stuffing those camels through the needle.

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