Preblast: Bring a weight that you can hold over your head 1 handed.

Weather: 73 and rainy with a slight breeze

Pax: Logger, Maize, Nomad, DC, Cornwallis, Bumblebee, Headlock, Zamboni, Kindergarten Cop, Snooki, Khaki, State, FNG, MotorBoat as Q

Disclaimer given

SSH x18
Abe Vagota x10
Imperial Storm Walkers x 18

Thang: Each exercise done for 3 sets. Set 1 and 3 IC and set 2 OYO
Burpee x12
Flutter kicks with weight pressed x25
V-ups with weight x20
WWII sit-ups with weight x15
Turkish get-ups 12 (6 each side)

2 minute situps with partner holding legs

Recover Recover

Moleskin: We held the workout under the covering to stay a little drier this morning and safe from the lightning. Lots of mumblechatter about the workout but good fellowship. Reminder, if you don’t want me delivering a brutal beatdown, you can always lead…hehe.
Big shoutout to Khaki for knocking out 89 situps in the 2 minutes.
We welcomed DryRub today.

Please keep our brothers in mind this week as you go about your business and this weekend. You can change the world through a series of small acts. Much love and thanks for letting me lead


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