61 degrees, partly cloudy, and a dewy morning.

12 PAX- Wapner, Jay-z, Crabby PO, Piper, Sprocket, Shamu, Pew Pew, Maestro, Bambi, Tiptoe, Sparty, Daisy- QI


Sprinklers w/ legs- 15IC

Hairy Rockets- 10IC

Side lunges- 10IC

Arm stretch OYO

Mosey to Happy Place:

Squirkins- 10 reps then flapjack

Power merkins- 10 reps then flapjack

Mosey to bottom of stairs

Thang: Snake up and down the stairs and hill doing various walks and exercises.

Starting at base of stairs

20 Dips, Bear crawl up stairs

Top of stairs 2

20 pistol squats, Crab walk down stairs

Cone 1- 20 J-lo’s, zombie walk up the hill

Cone 2- 20 Cumberland County Viaduct, sneaky gorilla down hill

Cone 3- 20 Bobby Hurley’s, Crawl Bear up hill

Cone 4- 20 groiners, duck walk down hill

At base of hill- 5 LL Cool J’s,

rinse and repeat

Slowsey to large shelter


Wing nut 15IC

Ninnie knockers 10IC

Sleeping hillbillies 15IC each side




Good morale this morning for the men that posted. Tried some new exercises with good mumble and chatter. Squirkens may forever be known as “Hot Ass Wapners” per Tiptoe. Power Merkins were definitely tougher than expected. Wing nuts seemed to get a good response, while Ninnie Knockers don’t seem to be for Ninnies. Overall, good full body beatdown today. 3 sets of “the snake” completed by the leaders, Sprocket setting the pace was ready to go on to number 4! Was hoping this snake would make a better appreciation for snakes as a whole for those that posted- I think we all still hate snakes. The wet hill made crawl bears all the worse…. but the cooler temps made it more bearable. Looking forward to next week- keep putting on the EH, and everyone show up with friends so that if Sparkle fartsacks on Monday we can stick him with a nice large breakfast bill!!!! Have a great weekend!

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