9 PAX posted for a basic ruck at The Hill: Quick, DC, Thumper, Khaki, Wapner, Clubber, Maize, Cornwallis, Nomad (QIC)

Weather: 54, clear, pumpkin-spice-sweater-weather (DC)

Thang: Basic ruck with instruction to pair up with a PAX you don’t know all that well and have some conversation. Switched groups every mile marker.

3.94 miles total, in just over 1 hour

Moleskin: After making a back and forth trip to pick up a tardy PAX, we headed out for the ruck. Tried to keep the pace efficient and it sounded like everyone was having some good conversation. Thanks to Wapner for joining from F3 Blackcat. Weather was perfect this morning. Glad to be outside in the company of good men.

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