10 PAX posted today on a comfortable, slightly moist gloom. Jay-Z, I.M., Wapner, Daisy, Q Popeye, Sparkle, Piper, T Bone r, Stache, and Shamu.

Warm up

Maestro Lap, WMH oyo, shoulder pretzels, nipple tweakers, grass pickers all in cadence up to 12. Motivator from 12.


We honored QB’s from the AFC North, South, NFC East and South who didn’t screw their teams 2 weeks before the season. We took the QB’s number and multiplied it by 2,3,4 or 5 and did exercises up to that number. Exercises included squats, merkins, copperhead squats, ast, pull ups, swinging Tyson’s, plank jacks, dips, monkey humpers, crab humpers, jump lunges, leg raises, hanging leg raises, mountain Climbers, bat wing and hand release merkins. Sadly we did not do any Sweet Ass Lisa’s. Maybe next time. We did not have much time for Mary so we held a plank for 30 seconds to finish the morning. Q had more planned, but time ran short so maybe we can use the rest another time.

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