Weather: 70 and Muggy


  1. Brickyard
  2. Cornwallis
  3. Headlock
  4. Short Story
  5. Khaki
  6. Logger
  7. Dry Rub
  8. State (Q)
  9. Zamboni
  10. Beefsteak
  11. Snooki
  12. Maize
  13. Beater

Warm-up: Weed-pickers/Shoulder & arm stretches/Motivator x 6

Thang: This workout featured my favorite exercises led by others during the past year.

1: Circle Burp (Beefsteak)

2: 16 Mericans/16 squats/16 big boys and a lap (Khaki) with some Cindy Crawfords

3: 20 crab cakes in pitch perfect cadence & a bear crawl race (Brickyard)

4. DeCALFeinated (Zamboni)

5. Tunnel of Love (Headlock)

6. Mini Murph (10 pull ups/20 Mericans/30 squats) and some dead cockroaches (Cornwallis and Maize)

7. 20 dirty hook-ups and a Hill sprint (Logger)

8. Al Gore and 10 minutes of Yoga (Cornwallis-Q and Cosmo tribute)

***Not featured***

  1. Monkey Humpers and Death Star (DC)
  2. Mericans with the hold at the bottom (Nomad)
  3. Turkish get-ups and hand releases Mericans (Motorboat)
  4. Boxing (Marshall)

Recover, Recover.

Moleskin: Strong numbers after the hardest workout of the year! It really has been an absolute privilege to spend the last year with you men. I have learned something from each one of you and I look forward to many many more years in the Gloom. Thank you Logger for EHing me one year ago!

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