We’re not professionals….no one is responsible for you, except you…modify if/when needed.

Warm up 

Tibetan 5 Rights – x15 each movement

The Thang 

Mosey to the back of the parking lot


Warrior 1,2,3

Mosey back to the cars

Stretch bottom to top



Low 70s F is and Clear

PAX:  Logger,  Maize, Kindergarten Cop, Nomad, Motorboat, Cornwallis, DC, Zamboni, Beefsteak, Bumblebee, Headlock, Cosmo (Q)

12 Pax gathered for a Gumby-Yoga workout as most were recovering from the Iron Pax Challenge (YHC not included was not one of them…just returning from the IR).  Tibetan 5 Rights is always a fun way to start…especially hearing the mumblechatter as the difficulty increases from spinning in circles.

Very impressed with the continued improvement of the PAX in Yoga and during the stretch…always getting better!

Keep up the good work…and keep passing it on.

Always a privilege,


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