Weather 60 and perfectly still




Crabby PO

Pew Pew

Cubby Blue






Wapner QIC


Maestro lap

SSHs IC x20

Arm stretches

Shoulder pretzels IC x20

Willie Mays Hayes

Tempo squats IC x10


100 cumulative merkins and squats

100 yard out and back coupon carry

100 cumulative coupon swings and Bonnie Blairs

100 yard out and back coupon carry

100 cumulative coupon thrusters and traveling lunges

100 yard out and back coupon carry

3 rounds for time

No time for Mary



Another beautiful morning to get outside and put in some work. Fall is off to a great start. Had to begin warmup with a Maestro lap since there was to be no more running for the rest of the workout. That didn’t, however, summon its name sake to show up – need to figure out another way to motivate Maestro out of the fartsack.

Quick warmup and description of the workout. Pax seemed happy to hear there was a choice of exercises, but unfortunately, the suck factor was high even between choices. Turned out to be a sneaky tough leg day with many squats and lunges. No one was able to complete 3 full rounds, with Sprocket leading the way closely followed by Stache and Pew Pew.

Some emergency 10-29 and almost merlot splash observed – feel better Daisy. As Humdinger noted sometimes you can’t trust a fart or a squat. Piper still doesn’t know Jay-Z’s mom’s name and Jay-Z promises to give it on Piper’s 40th birthday in December. Piper suggested that won’t be the only present he’ll be receiving.

Week 4 of the IronPax Challenge has now come and gone and doesn’t seem like BlackCat is going to miss it. Heavy on the block work all month and there was a call for not seeing them again for awhile.

Improved motivation brought 11 pax out of the fartsack and into the gloom this morning. Keep the EH strong the rest of the week and let’s see if we can get to 15 on Friday!

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