9 PAX posted.  Humid 72 degree Wednesday beat-down.


Sparty (Respect)




Pew Pew



Crabby PO QIC

Warm up:

Maestro Lap

Moroccan Night Club IC x 20

Arm Stretches

LBAC 10 forward and 10 backward

Leg Stretches


PAX went through a series of six exercises with six reps each.  Exercises were (1) Absolution x 6, (2) Jump Squat Hold from 6, (3) Motivator from 6, (4) American Hammer IC x 6, (5) Merkin Plank Holds from 6, (6) Burpees x 6.  An Indian Run with last PAX ascending to the front.  PAX rinse and repeated this sequence Four times at different locations of the park.

Indian Run to Happy Place.

1 round of Leg Blasters.

Prisoner Indian Run to Flag.


LBC IC x 25

Flutter Kicks IC x 25

Gas Pumps IC x 10

Plank hold until recover.


Ol Crabby PO dug deep into the archives and pulled out and dusted off a workout from the days of yore.  Yet still a strong showing from the 9 PAX who posted this morning.  The repetitive nature of the beat-down garnished some midwife noises, but it was good to see the PAX push through the pain and get it done.  #strongereachday.  A new Iron Challenge was introduced this morning.  Its a two man challenge between Piper and Jay-Z with the hardware going to whomever can get a selfie with the others mother.  For those keeping track at home Piper is now 0-15 on “What’s Her Name.”

Side Note* YHC learned during research this morning on the F3 Lexicon that he had been using the phrase “Mumble Chatter” incorrectly.  “Mumble Chatter” = Talking incessantly during the Workout to Inspire the Q, encourage the other PAX and/or connect with FNGs.  It appears the proper phrase to use is “Midwife Noises” = Groaning, moaning and other verbal utterances heard during a Workout when the Q turns the Beat Down up to eleven.

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