PAX: Cosmo, State, Maize, DryRub, Bumblebee, Cornwallis, Zamboni, Khaki, Dr. Porkchop (FNG), Headlock, Logger, Beefsteak, Motorboat, Nomad

Weather: ~70 and perfect

Warmup (IC): SSH x 20, weed pickers x 10, imperial walkers x 20, kick w/ twist x 10

Thang (all IC unless otherwise noted): mosey to lot, merican w/ hold at the bottom x 10, bear crawl across lot, squat w/ hold at bottom x 10, crab walk back

Mosey to COT area, motivator x 5

Mosey back to lot, hold low plank for 2 min, high knees across lot, carolina dry dock x 19, lunge walk back

Mosey to steps, pull ups x 10

Mosey back to lot, skiers x 30, sprint accross lot, mountain climbers x 30, sprint back

Mosey to steps, dips x 20

Mosey back to lot, crunchy frog x 20, broad jump across lot, hand release merican x 15 (OYO), karaoke back

Mosey to steps, calf raises x 30

Slowsey to COT area

Finished with “sally”

Moleskin: Weather was awesome this morning and the commaradarie kept me motivated! Lots a mumble chatter about running, missing count on the dry dock, various complaints about exercises…I enjoyed all of it. Thanks, men, for helping me start my day off right!

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