50 degrees, good brisk fall-ish morning for 5 dedicated and motivated PAX; Stache, Humdinger, Shamu, Jay-Z, and Daisy-QIC

October 7

Warm up

Pec stretches w crossover toe touches

Arm Crosses

Sprinklers 10IC

Side lunges 10IC

Willie Mays Hayes


Mosey to happy place

Balls to the wall- 10

Ring of Fire:

Russian Dips 10 each leg

al gore/ squats- 15

planks/ merkins- 20

Mosey to stairs

BOMBS- Partner stair lap

Burpee- 50

Overhead – 100

Merkin- 150

Big Boy- 200

Squats- 250

Stair wheelbarrows 1 set

Mosey to flag


Bruce Lees:

America hammer, Leg Raises, LBC, Heel touches, crunchy frogs, 100’s. 20 reps of all but 100’s- 1 set


Looking at the watch with only 2 minutes until beatdown time, knew it would be a small crew. I’m sure there will be excuses of tiredness, but YHC was called out at midnight, up until 2:30am and still made the workout- so being tired….. a state of mind not an excuse.

Good workout on the stairs. Don’t believe we have done a BOMBS workout on the stairs- definite grumble about legs feeling it towards the end. Enjoyed bringing back Jay-Z’s Stairbarrows. Discussed how that really engaged the core! One round definitely did some good work.

Strong showing from the 5 today. Hoping to more than double the PAX for Piper on Wednesday. Cooler weather really wakes you up for the workout. Should be a great morning in the gloom for a beatdown.

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