Nine Pax posted on a 45 degree windy gloom. Stache, Crabby Po, Daisy, Wapner, Bushay, Pew Pew, Shamu, Yellow 5, Q Popeye

Warm up:

maestro lap, shoulder pretzels, nipple tweakers, HRM, WMH OYO, grass pickers, arm stretches OYO.


Mosey to the stairs for Stairway to 7, choose your merkin and the bottom, jump squats at the top. Stair suicide. Mosey to the Happy Place. Countdown circuit. 1st exercise 1:00, 2nd 45 seconds, 3rd exercise 30 seconds, 4th exercise 15, then repeat exercises back up to 1:00. Each circuit last 4:45. Exercises included plank, ast, Merkins, plank jacks, ssh, skaters, mountain climbers, burpee, forward arm circles, backward arm circles, seal claps, overhead claps. Mary included hundreds, LBC’s, dolly and flutter kicks in the same circuit format.

Not much complaining until we did the bat wing for 4:45. I think Crabby Po was the only Pax to keep his arms up for the entire circuit. Many questions arose about the absence of the Weasel Shaker Jay Z. Pax were excited about the thought of giving him a hard time for missing. My 2.0 was given the name Yellow 5 because of his love of Mountain Dew, which pleased Bushay because he works for Pepsi. It was a great morning for a workout and looking forward to Friday.

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