6 PAX posted for the inaugural Friday Block Party: Motorboat, Khaki, Doctor Porkchop, Wooly Dutchman, Dry Rub, Nomad

Weather: 44ish, calm

Disclaimer and some background/context provided for the reason to start a Friday Block Party workout

Warmup: arm circles, leg swings, arm and shoulder stretches, leg stretches

Thang: half the group overhead-carried block to end of parking lot and back while other half did as many block mericans as they could…switch

Then half did same walk while other half did squat thrusters…switch

Then half did same walk while other half did curls…switch

Then half used two blocks for farmer’s carry same distance while other half did low plank…switch

Then half did same overhead carry walk while other half did goblet squats…switch

Did a slowsy lap around lot alternating carrying block in curl position and overhead position

Lined up side by side is the grass to do block press throws from squat position


Glad to have a good group out for the first Friday workout. Lots of mumble chatter and smack talk that helped everyone get through the pain. Thanks for a great time, men!

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