11 Pax posted on this clear, 43 degree Monday morning- Shamu, Stache, Wapner, Himdinger, Piper, Slit, Boucher, Sparkle, Pork Chop, Crabby PO, Daisy-QIC

Warm up:

Hand release merkins- 15IC

Tempo jump squats- 15IC

Sprinkler lunges- 10IC

Crossovers with pec stretch



Tortoise and hare BOMBS partnered with same favorite college PAX

One carries coupon (tire) around petting zoo while other completes exercise, then then runs to flap jack.

B-burpee 5 (50 total)

O- Outlaws 10- 5 each direction (100)

M- Merkins 15 (150)

B- Big Boys 20 (200)

S- Squats 25 (250)


Bruce Lee- up to 25 reps, hammers, leg raises, LBC, heel touches, crunchy frogs, 100’s


Beautiful cool morning for a beatdown. A quick intense warm-up to get the juices flowing and get ready for a little friendly competition. A couple that mentioned showing up were MIA, so we had one team that was combined Purdue/ IU efforts. Teams were as followed and finished in this order:

Combined, Stache(IU), Slit (Boiler)

Boilers: Sparkle/Boucher

IU: Shamu/Pork Chip

IU: Crabby PO/Humdinger

Boiler: Piper/Daisy

Wandering Nomad: (IU) Wapner- somewhere one the middle of the mix.

Wapner was gracious enough to exercise solo since he is still not able to do Merkins and carrying the Coupon would have been rough on his healing shoulder- but mad props for showing up and modifying!

It appears from that competition that when the Hoosiers and Boilers work together, they have a championship team…. but…. The different size tires made the competition a little uneven- so we will need to work on that for the next one. The medium tires are at least as heavy as two of the smaller ones for future reference. But every body pushed hard and had a strong workout.

Ended the workout with an emergency 10-29 that almost sent the PAX on a search and rescue mission- but a lighter Pork Chop showed up for the COT and all were relieved. Hope to see more PAX on Wednesday for Wapner’s beatdown.

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