Weather utterly crap – 40, moist ground, on and off sprinkles



Crabby PO


Short Skirt





Wapner QIC


Abe Vigodas IC x10

Grass pickers IC x15

Hillbilly walkers IC x20

Sprinklers w/ kick IC x15

Tempo squats IC x10

Willie Mayes Hayes


Indian run around zoo to end of pool straight

Sprints to end of fence around pool (about 100 yards) and return for Mary exercises:


Boxcutters IC x15

Captain Thor 1:4 -> 5:20

E2Ks IC x10 each direction

Flutter kicks IC x25

Freddie Mercurys IC x20

Gas pumps IC x15


LBCs IC x25

Outlaws IC x20

Pickle pointers IC x20

Rosalitas IC x20

Get up with a Good Morning Abby

Mosey to barn

Wall sit x 1 minute

Leg blasters





YHC still working through shoulder problems so a workout requiring no arms was devised. Didn’t look at the weather forecast when putting this together or we may not have spent so much time on the ground. As it was, about half of the time was spent rolling around on the cold wet pavement. Would’ve been nice to have 12 PAX for the dirty dozen workout but 9 were able to sack up and get out into the nasty cold damp gloom and put in some work. Great to see Maestro back as he is working through some knee issues and Kotter award of the day Short Skirt. Had to throw in a round of leg blasters to sweeten the deal and get him back out. Hadn’t done sprints in awhile and there was speculation as to which PAX would leave injured after previous sprint related injuries to Jay-Z, Piper, and Tofu. Everyone walked away relatively unscathed today. Sprint champions of the day we’re Patches and Slit – they will definitely captain the forthcoming F3 track squad. Tights are out for good now unless your name is Sparkle, who even threatened to go sans shorts for the last sprint.

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