45 degrees and raining…perfect conditions to face our fears. 11 PAX posted for the spooky Halloween workout. Halloween-themed Disclaimer was given.

Warm up:

Spooky Run (When Q calls Graveyard = jump, Bats = squats, Zombies = low plank)

Stretch OYO

The thang:

I first captured everyone’s biggest fear (from an exercise perspective) in the order they arrived…for later use.

Beefsteak – burpees

Khaki – burpees

Bumblebee – motivator

Headlock – Komodo march

Logger – pull ups

Cornwallis – squat thrust

Dr P – Pike merkins

Nomad – hand release

KC – running

State – Bonnie Blair (aka jump lunge)

Jim – Mason Twist

Run to Bear Crawl Bridge

P1: Burpees (thanks Beefsteak & Khaki)

P2: Bear Crawl

Injured Bear Crawl back

Flip Flop until 100 reps

Mosey to landscaping shed

P1: Hand Release Merkins (thanks Nomad)

P2: Wall Sit for 31sec

Flip Flop until 100 reps

Motivator (thanks Bumblebee) from 10 to 7

Added Seal Claps

Motivator from 5 to 0

Mosey to Stairs

P1: Bonnie Blairs (thanks State)

P2: Run 1 lap up and down the stairs

Flip Flop until 100 reps

Mosey to basketball court

P1: Komodo Dragon to edge and back (thanks Headlock)

P2: Squat Thrusters (thanks Cornwallis)

Flip Flop until 100 reps

Mosey to bottom of Fishbowl

P1: Pull Ups (thanks Logger)

P2: Pike Merkins (thanks Cornwallis)

Flip Flop until 100 reps of both exercises


Dying Cockroach

Heels to heaven

Mason Twist (thanks Zamboni)

Recover Recover


The allure of the fartsack is mighty when it is wet and cold…thanks to all of the men who overcame their excuses and posted. We are looking forward to instance #2 of the block party tomorrow, the Mulberry Farms run or ruck on Saturday morning, and the last push for food to stock Third Phase at Walmart this Saturday and Sunday. Prayers go out to everyone who couldn’t make it.

Until next time,


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