Weather: 25ish…cold, calm

PAX: Khaki, Dr. Porkchop, Cornwallis, Nomad (Q)

Warm up: Arm circles-small and large, forwards and backwards then imperial walkers IC x15 then weed pickers IC x10

Thang: shoulder carry block to the start of the hill, curls IC x20, Zamp carry down the hill, dips IC x20, Zamp carry up the hill, curls IC x20, Zamp down, dips ICx 20, Zamp up

High plank side pull x 6

Skull crushers IC x10, curls IC down the hill, tall kneeling chop IC x10, curls IC back up, skull crushers IC x10, curls down, tall kneeling chop IC x10, curls up

Zamp down, high plank side pull x6

Squat throw in grass x 5, squat throw back to start x 5, high plank side pull x6, repeat all

Zamp up hill, right shoulder carry half way back to lot then switch to left shoulder

Goblet squat IC x20, dirty hookup on block IC x20

Recover, recover

Moleskin: good fellowship during the workout, really good conversation and considerations before COT. Thank you, men! Appreciate you pushing me.

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