9 PAX posted on a chilly 10 degree hump day. Wapner, Shamu, Crabby Po, Maestro, Jay Z, Daisy, Slit, Boucher, and Q Popeye.

Warm Up:

SSH, WMH, Grass Pickers, Nipple Tweakers, Arms OYO.


Bataan Death March to big shelter house. Once at the shelter house we rolled the exercise die. Exercises included dips, mountain climbers, wall sit, Freddie Mercuries, plank, side plank, water break, jump lunges, sumo jump squats, and every other roll jump squats.

Mary: LBC’s, flutter kicks, hello dolly, pickle pointers, hot ass Lisa’s.

We had a good variety today, but we did do quite a few jump squats. Everyone was happy we didn’t land on the burpees. It was cold, but thankfully we had no wind. Looking forward to a Marvel-ous workout on Friday.

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