7 Pax on this cool cloud winter morning of 24 degrees: Jay-Z, CrabbyPO, Boucher, Slit, Shamu, Popeye, and Daisy QIC


Shoulder pretzels- 20IC

Side stretches- 30swc each side

Sprinklers- 15IC

Grass pickers- 15IC

Willie Mays Hayes OYO

Mosey to large shelter house

Thor– 10 reps each



Bavarian squats


Renegade rows

Merkins w/ rotation

Big boys

American hammer

Turkish get ups

Run to bathhouse

Captain America

30 sec. run

80 punches

10 tuck jumps

20 big boys

10 Outlaws each direction

10 Merkins

10 back rotations

10 arm curls (wall sit and pulling up leg)

Run to playground


30 SSH

20 Squats

10 cross punch big boys

10 plank w/ rotations

10 low plank arm raises

6 Merkins

12 wall mt climbers

12 swing pull ups or doorframe rows


Not necessary with all the core work



Nice brisk morning in the gloom for a beatdown. 7 Pax came and pushed through an “Avenger inspired” core heavy workout-this was known by all the Pax through Jay-Z making it known loudly that was a lot of big boys. At least now we know how the Avengers have ripped abs. Also it was noted by Slit and Boucher that the more Outlaws being done, the smaller the circles were getting. Sounded like a lot of improvement being made by those in attendance to YHC. Wall Mountain Climbers were interesting and Turkish Get-ups sucked. So there was that. All in all, a good way to end the week and get ready for the weekend. Piper and his family were in our thoughts and prayers this morning, hoping for a full and speedy recovery for his father. See you all on Monday!

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