The Hill


Pax-State, Logger, Maize, Motorboat, Bumblebee, Snooki, Nomad, Khaki, Headlock, Dr Porkchop, Dry Rub, Runner Up (down range pax from Pittsburgh)


SSH- 15 IC

IST- 15 IC

Weedpickers- 15 IC

Windmills 10 IC

Motivator x 7

Low, slow squats x 10

8 Count Body Builder- 15 OYO


Lunge walk and bear crawl over to the ring of toys.

Toys: sandbags (various weights), KB’s, jigs, cinderblocks, box, jump ropes, steel plate 20#, medicine ball.

Each person started at a station in the circle. Choose your own adventure. Do whatever exercise you want with that “toy” for 1 minute AMRAP. 30 second break.

18 rounds completed.


2 minute elbow plank.

Recover recover!


-it was great having runner-up join us from Pittsburgh today!

-The box was super slippery thanks to the M having me turn my exercise box into a patio table covered in polyurethane

-plenty of jug jokes in a few about a dry sack being split open and leaking pebbles

-Great work today men. I wanted to do a non running workout just to mix things up and do some weight based work for those who can’t make it on Fridays.


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