9 PAX posted in 40 degree weather…light breeze

Nomad (Q), Khaki, Motorboat, Tulip, Headlock, Dr. Porkchop, Daddy Style, Kindergarten Cop, Logger

Warmup: overhead clap ICx20, arm circles ICx20, Block step up to high knees ICx20 each leg

Thang: Zamp carry block to parking lot, bear crawl while pulling block through to line, jog to start and back, continue with bear crawl to next line, jog to start and back, continue with bear crawl to last line, jog to start and back.

PAX paired up and added third block. Partner workout to complete 200 curls, 200 goblet squats, 100 overhead press. While PAX 1 is doing exercise, PAX 2 farmer carries two blocks to end of lot and back, swap roles. On next trip, Zamp carry. Each set of trips alternate between farmer carry and Zamp carry.

Same bear crawl set up back to end of parking lot. Zamp carry back to COT. 3 min of stretching.

Recover, recover.

Moleskin: largest group we’ve had for the Friday Block Party! Glad to have Daddy Style out for second day in a row. Mumble chatter included a lot of grunting but no complaints. Lots of “good” and “I like this!” Everyone worked hard and it was a real pleasure to be out there this morning with such an awesome group of guys.

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