Great gathering of men. Two men from downrange and one FNG (total 19 men) Mark Wright, 58, Headlock handling the Q.

Warm Up

Arm Circles

Abe Vigoda

Motivator [from 8]


Rocky Balboa

“F”unnel of Love [line up from tallest to shortest. All do Downward Dog as each man crawls the length of the tunnel]

The Thang: In anticipation of the Muscle Car/ Corvette nationals this weekend in Chicago, every exercise was about Muscle and/or Speed. [Q owns a ’73 Corvette]

No Judgment Drag Race up Hill. [All begin at their sprint. Everyone turns to run back down the hill when leader turns, 1X. Then all sprint up hill and turn when they are in the lead (all have passed you coming back down), 2X]

Mosey to baseball field

7 of Diamonds 7X Merkins at every base. 14X Sit Ups at every base. 21X Side Straddle Hops at every base. 28X Squats at every base. [Hearing some serious mumble-chatter…then, nobody could talk!]

Rock ‘n Roll {At rock pile] 15X Curls. 15X Skull Crushers. 15X Chest Press.

Mosey to Mary



Reverse Pickle Pointer

Moleskin: Q was motivated by the “encouragement” from Bueller: “Who’s leading tomorrow?” Cosmo: “I think it’s Headlock.” Bueller: “You mean that old guy?” Props to the little guy as he busted it today. As a matter of fact, everybody busted it. It was a real blessing to lead you guys.

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