12 pax posted on a very nice 57 degree morning, with very little wind. Crabby Po, Jay-Z, Daisy, Slit, Wapner, Boucher, Shamu, Stach, Piper, Ariel, IM, and Q Popeye.

Warmup: SSH, grass pickers, finkle swings, wmh, Abe Vigoda.


Run 3 laps around the perimeter of the TPA park.

Moleskin: We learned that running 3.1 miles around the park is not all that much fun. Ariel and Piper lead the way, most walked some and everyone did what they could. We’ve had 2 cardio heavy workout in a row, thanks to the conversation Jay-Z and Popeye had. Now we can chow down tomorrow. Had a Name-O-Roma. We welcome Ariel to the group. I hope everyone enjoys Thanksgiving. https://f3indianapolis.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/img_8611.mov

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