Crisp 31° morning

9 Pax posted

Maestro, Jay-Z, Daisy, Wapner, Crabby-Po, Piper, Pew-Pew, Sprocket, and Shamu QIC.

Morning began with a frolic through the tunnel of lights and then on to the happy place for warm up.

Warm Up

Hip/Back stretches

Batwing with a Shoulder Blaster – IC 10 count

fac, bac, seal clap, overhead clap, bird flap thumb up, thumb down, alternate.

OYO Arm Stretch

Hillbilly Squats – IC 10 Count

Runner stretches

OYO Leg Stretch


Indian run to stairs

Stair circuit – every stair

20 LBC, 100s

Stair circuit – every other

Indian run to baby hill off of green street

ROF – Pax hold Al Gore while one sprints up and back

Bataan Death March to Block RR – 8 walking lunges replaced the burpees

20 squat jumps followed by 30s wall sit. Decrement squats by 2 & repeat.


Rope pull – IC 10 count

Marionettes – IC 10 count

100s – OYO


Great to see Pew-Pew and Sprocket back. Beautiful morning for a frolic through the tunnel. We deviated to the Happy Place and found Maestro. The PB of no arms was questioned with the bat wings but the Pax enjoyed the low count and working out some of the Monday pain from Stache. ROF with hill sprints was a nice burn, especially if the top was voluntarily extended by several Pax. A possible revision mid-Bataan was shot down by the Pax who had already suffered and persevered. Great work today. Hope to see everyone out for Piper’s birthday Q on Friday!

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