12 PAX posted on a 45 degree morning. Daisy, Jay-z, Wapner, Crabby PO, Stache, Boucher, Patches, Pew Pew, Shamu, Arial, Popeye, Piper(QIC)

Warm-up : Maestro lap, Arm Stretches OYO, Leg Stretches OYO

Thang: Spelling your Mom’s legal name. After every 4 letters, complete 1 Maestro lap, followed by 3 amigos x 2.

(A: 40 Burpees), (B,C,D: 40 Merkins), (E: 3 amigos x 3), (F,G,H: 40 Flutter kicks), (I: 40 Lunges), (J,K,L: 40 Squats), (M,N: 40 Crunchy Frog), (O: 40 Lunges), (P:40 Side Strattle Hops), (Q,R,S: 40 Squats), (T: 40 Crunchy Frog), (U: 40 Lunges), (V,W,X: 40 MTN Climbers), (Y: 3 amigos x 3), (Z: 40 side straddle hops)

Mary: ABC’s followed by Bruce Lee

Moleskin: After 3-4 months in the making, I finally know her name. It took my 40th birthday, and a workout designed after Jay-z’s last name to ensure his workout was difficult. Thanks Jay-z, for one of the best birthday cards I have ever received.

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