PAX: Khaki, Motorboat, Daddy Style, Tulip, Zamboni, Dry Rub, Nomad (Q)

Weather: 35, clear and calm

Warmup: SSH IC x20, right Block step up IC x20, left block step up IC x20, weed pickers IC x20, overhead claps IC x20

Thang: “Shared Pain” we carried blocks Zamporini-style as a group until one person had to put it down. Then all PAX stopped and did 10 block mericans. Continued with that pattern, walking the long way down to the basketball court. We probably stopped 5 times?

At the BB court, 1 PAX did 7 round trips on stairs (for the 7 guys at the beatdown) while the remaining PAX held high plank while pulling block under them from side to side. Next PAX went and rest did curls. Next PAX and overhead presses. Next PAX and kettle bell swings. Next PAX and dirty, dirty hookups (thanks for the name, Motorboat) on the tall end of the block. Last PAX and chest presses.

Shoulder carry back around to crosswalks. Sled push to crosswalk, then bear crawl, then sled, and so on until we got to the end.

Recover, recover.

Moleskin: awesome energy this morning! Mumble chatter was all over the place and it was a great way to distract from the pain. Some really funny stuff that you’re just going to have to post to appreciate. All men worked hard and got stronger as a result. If you’re not posting on Fridays, you’re missing a lot!

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