9 men posted in 29° snow blanketed gloom







Pew Pew


Stache (QIC)


Motivator from 5

Arm and leg stretching OYO


1 mile run

50 pull ups

150 merkins

250 squats

Most stuck with 5 rounds of 10-30-50 reps of each exercise with most completing 4 rounds

3/4 mile run


Um…no Mary


Good to see Tooma back with us. Several other “regulars” were no shows. It’s nice to have 9 men and call it a slow day. Upon reluctantly volunteering to Q, Stache decided he better put down the beer and research what a “Murph” actually was. After completion he realized we were all telling the truth. The Murph sucks and Mr. Murphy was a bad man! Actually a really nice morning. Not too cold and fresh snow with the park lights made it somewhat enjoyable. See you all Wednesday.

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