PAX: Khaki, State, Tulip, Motorboat, Nomad

Weather: 28 degrees, clear and calm

Thang: we just got right into it…disclaimers was an afterthought. Ruckers (Tulip and Motorboat) headed off to trek some miles and the runners (Khaki, State, Nomad) picked our way through several neighborhoods, using mostly streets to avoid whatever ice was still lingering. We stopped briefly to check on a guy who’s car was disabled but it was mostly a wellness check as none of us know how to fix a car nor were we carrying our tools on the run. He had someone coming for him so we wished him well and were on our way. Khaki was a little worried there was no plan and therefor we were lost but it all came together in the end.

Moleskin: Good weather for a run. Air was crisp and there was just a sliver of orange moon left in this early morning. Runners had some conversation about the condition of Headlock’s ankle and foot (take care, brother) and some random topics. No downrange guys showed up. Glad to be out there this morning!

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