14 PAX posted: Thin Mint, Marshall, Knee High, Motorboat, State, Snooki, Nomad, Beefsteak, Dilly Dilly (downrange visitor), Logger, Dr. Porkchop, Bagger (FNG), Tulip, Khaki (Q)


Motivator from 5

Alternating shoulder taps

Pickle pounder 

Weed pickers

5 burpees on your own 

The Thang 

Carry Baby Jesus (Cinderblock) 

Goblet squats (Birth of Baby Jesus)

KettleBell Swings (Birth of Baby Jesus)

Curls (Hold and Kiss Baby Jesus)

Walking carry Baby Jesus (escape to egypt) 

20 Burpees OO (Soldiers looking for baby Jesus) 

Al Gore Hold (Jesus grows up and learns in the temple) 

Walk blocks back to cars (Jesus travels back home)

Run to the pull up bar area (Travel through Jesus’ life that we don’t have recorded) 

5-10 Pull ups (Jesus was both God and man)


Captain Thor (1 big boy sit up 4 american hammers – Try to get to 10:40 ratio) 

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