PreBlast: Bring a Cinderblock

Weather: 48F, Clear, crisp, wonderful. Snow melted the last couple of days so really dry ground

Pax: 14 HIM posted. Bed Pan, Brickyard, Bumblebee, Callahan, Cold Call, Dilly Dilly, Khaki, Logger, Nomad, SnapHook, Snooki, State, Tulip, and MotorBoat as Q

Disclaimer Given

SSH x 20 IC
Imperial Storm Troopers x 20 IC
Overhead Claps x 20 IC
Grab blocks and move the the large parking lot in a line
Mosey around the lot ~400 meters. Every so often reaching down with left or right hand to touch the ground. High knees and butt kickers as well during the mosey.

Shoulder to Shoulder log press x20 IC
Overhead hold against partner for as long as possible. Winner moves up the line, loser down the line
Tombstones x20 IC
Front hold block against partner for as long as possible. Winner up, loser down
Plank that moves hands to top of tall side of block, to the other side of the block and back. Kinda like a dirty hook up. The dirty block up? Moving block plank (blank?)? Need ideas for a name for this. 8 count x15 IC
Block push ups x2 min against partner. Winner up, loser down
Bench press x 20 IC
2 min curls against partner
Get in a single long line of planks shoulder to shoulder. Drag 3 bricks up the line and back down x 2 while holding plank.
Get on six in a long line. Sit up with block and pass it up the line and then back down IC.
Back to the small parking lot
Squirming Turtle x25 IC
Keep feet up for the next 3 exercises and hold block above chest
Flutter kicks x25 IC
Hello Dolly x10 IC
Rosalita x15 IC
Block down
Squirming Turtle x25 IC
Block back up and feet up
Flutter kicks x25 IC
Hello Dolly x10 IC
Rosalita x10 IC
2 minutes plank – mainly low plank but a couple of high plank
Frankenstien kicks x 4 IC
Weed pickers x10 IC

Recover Recover


Moleskin: This was a great morning to get after it. 2nd block workout of the week with one more coming tomorrow. Awesome to have 4 downrange guys join us during this holiday season. QIC still needs to work on describing some exercises better. Always an honor to lead and I’m glad that we can get stronger together.


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