Weather was 36 degree, mostly cloudy.

PAX: Uncle Reco (Naperville), Bedpan (Naperville), Cornwallis, Maize, Khaki, Snaphook, Bumblebee, Lincoln Log, Tulip, Q-Snooki

Disclaimer given


  • 15 SSH IC
  • 15 Pickle pounder IC
  • 15 Abe Vigoda IC

The Thang

Ruck to Inlow Park; Station 1:

  • 15 Dips IC
  • 15 Merikans IC
  • 15 Lunges IC

Ruck to the basketball court at Jacobsen Drive; Station 2:

  • 10 Burpees OYO
  • 10 Squats IC
  • 10 WW2 sit up IC

Ruck back towards AO, at lower level parking lot; Station 3:

  • 15 Mountain climbers IC
  • 15 American hammers IC
  • 15 Shoulder presses IC

Moleskin: There’s a powerline pole on E. 126th street that don’t look right. I walked outside of it just in case. Here’s a Google street view shot:

Getting the hang of Qing. TIL that burpees don’t go well with a ruck on your back and getting ruck on and off can get tiring. Great to have guys from Naperville with us! Also, love seeing so many guys after Christmas. Qing 10 guys with guys from different AO was intimidating at first but it wasn’t bad at all. What a encouragement today!

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