5 Pax posted on a comfortable 32 degree morning. Daisy, Piper, Patches, Maestro (coming in hot), and Q Popeye.

Warmup: Maestro lap, SSH’s, grass pickers, wmh oyo, nipple tweakers, shoulder pretzels.

Thang: Indian run the long way to the happy place for Bat Wing and ring of Fire(hand release merkins, canoe/leg raises, monkey humpers. Indian run the long way to the stairs. Bottom of stairs do 1 big boy, top of stairs 10 squats, run to bathrooms, 1 burpee, run to shelter house, 9 dips, at the top of the stairs 10 jump squats and back to the bottom. Increase big boys and burpees by one each lap, decrease dip by one each lap.

Mary: Hot A** Lisa’s, alternating shoulder taps, LBC’s, and pickle pointers.

Mumble chatter: Today we learned Piper had a cow emergency on Monday. We learned about a calf being hip stuck during birth and the different types of cows Piper has. We assume that Ariel got into the White Claw last night and that’s why he didn’t show for our New Years Day Workout. Today was a great way to get 2020 started. In the words of David Goggins “Stay Hard”

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