14 PAX posted to start their year off with a 1-2-PUNCH (since today’s date is 1/2…get it?). The mumblechatter was strong with PAX complaining of how sore they were from Tuesday & Wednesday’s beatdowns and razzing State and Logger for their matching outfits.

Disclaimer was given and we got right to it.

Warm Up



Finkle Swings

Fire Drill – PAX in a circle, chopping feet or high knees. Each PAX calls out “Fire” all PAX hits the ground rolls right, merkin, roll back left, another merkin, then back up chopping. Go around the circle with the “stop, drop and roll” until all PAX have called “Fire”.

The Thang

Today’s thang consists of 3 rounds of 4 exercises lasting 30s each with a 10 count and mosey after the round finishes.

Round 1 

Burpee Log Hops

Imperial Walkers

Mike Tyson (Place your feet against a curb or wall while in a plank position. Contract the legs for a horizontal squat. (1) Extend legs (2) Perform a Merkin (3) Return to starting position (4) or one rep. 10 reps is a nice starter. Also good with 7’s or 11’s on a narrow street. Mike Tyson’s in combination with Bear Crawls is a killer.)

Punch Up Merkins

Ten Count


Round 2

Floyd Merriweather Mayweather Plank Punches


Toby Maguires

Nolan Ryans (side plank under body punch)

Ten Count


Round 3

Joe Louis (R Punch, L Punch, Squat, Rest)

Jump Rope 


Sack Speed Bag (Squat position fast punches)

Ten Count





Heel Touches


Recover Recover


Tough day today following Maize’s beatdown on Tuesday and more Q-drenaline than I’ve ever seen before at the Fishers launch on Wednesday. T-Claps for all who posted, we were pushing ourselves today. There was a lot of education today – how to prounce Mayweather, who Toby Maguire is, who Nolan Ryan is, who Jimmy Chitwood is. Tomorrow begins the first day with competing workouts…looking forward to day 2 in Fishers and the block party in Carmel. Don’t forget tomorrow Jan-3 is our end of the year party at Venture Christian Church from 6-8:30pm!


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