PreBlast: I’ll take the Q and bring a partner

Weather: 45F with a light drizzle

Pax: Kindergarten Cop, Maize, Tulip, Motorboat-QIC

Disclaimer Given

SSH x20 IC
Kick with Twist x10 IC
Block Step ups (4 Ct) x10 IC

Thang: Audible called as we only had 4 Pax and QIC didn’t want to worry about dropping wet blocks.
Zamp Carry to the Fishbowl
#1: Set of 11 – Monkey Humping Goblet Squats and Bicep Curl Chest press
Start with 10 Squats and 1 Curl then 9 Squats and 2 Curls, etc
Done together focusing on form
#2: Wonder Bra (I think from the exicon) Wall Squat. Hold block straight in front and then lift overhead keeping arms straight. X 10 IC.
#3 Declined merkins (feet on block) x20 OYO
#4 Partner up. Partner one farmer carry the blocks around the circle while partner 2 holds a plank/low plank. Repeat for 2 trips around circle and 2 plank holds per person
#5 Log press x 10 IC (4ct)
#6 Block Merkin x 10 4ct. Started IC and Q was too smoked to count cadence and changed to OYO
#7 Log press x 5 IC (4ct)
#8 Hands of time. lay on 6 with heads towards center of circle. hold legs 6 inches off ground as each pax gives a 15 second count around the circle (60 seconds total today).
#9 Partner up. 1 pax on back and lift legs to head. 2nd pax stand by head and push legs straight down, to the left, and to the right. 25 total. Switch partners.
#10 Flutter kicks x 25 IC (4ct)

Recover Recover


Moleskin: A good morning with our first competing workouts within 30 minutes of each other by distance and at the same time. QIC cut the stairs out and a couple of other things as he did not like the idea of slick blocks overhead – maybe next time (insert sadistic laugh – Bwhahahaha). QIC needs to not smoke himself prior to merkins so he can count cadence. I think we modified a couple of things things in the Exicon but it was fun and tough regardless. Always great to start my weekend with you men in the gloom and get stronger together. Good conversation this morning as well. Honored to get the chance to lead.


Reminders: F3 party tonight at Venture Church (146th and Hazel Dell). Tulip mentioned that he was donating blood this morning and I will join him. Always a needed service!

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